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Meeting Roles

DURING YOUR TOASTMASTERS EXPERIENCE, you will have an opportunity to serve in many capacities.  By participating in all functions, you will receive well-rounded experience in communication and leadership.  Have no fear, as you are going to have FUN with this!

First, checkout the requirements of the position you're interested in by clicking on one of the links above.  Next, contact your VP of Education and Sign Up!  It's just that easy!

If you're new to Toastmasters and would like to have a MENTOR assigned to you, just contact your Vice President of Education and they'll have someone assigned to assist you with your first few speeches.

EVERY MEMBER is encouraged to use the tear-off EVALUATION SLIPS located at each table, to provide a word or two of encouragement and/or suggestion for improvement. These "Love Notes" are so helpful as you watch each member and YOURSELF grow!